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Learn & Play soon to be released: Empires

16-09-2017 13:30 - 16-09-2017 18:00
Friends & Foes spellensalon
Van Woustraat 202-a, Diamantbuurt, Amsterdam, Nederland


Who wants to play a new Essen 2017 release before the Essen 2017 fair? Today, September 16, it’s possible at Friends & Foes Amsterdam.

Play together with David Stephenson who is the designer of the upcoming Wizk!ds game ‘Empires’ that will be released in Essen, October 2017.

We can host 8 players. (game is 2-10 players). Please sign up.

About Empires
“Empires is set in the 18th century, players are powerful nations like Russia, Great Britain, Spain or France competing to expand their empires by gaining the most support. Support is won by supplying your people with goods; goods are produced when your people work in your territories.

You can gain people, territories, goods, and supporters by winning wars. To win wars, you must pay gold to raise armies. Gold can be earned by winning wars and by selling goods.

All turns are taken simultaneously, and there are no restrictions on trading. At any point in the game, you may trade anything: people, territories, goods, supporters, gold, player powers, and more.”