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Arkham Horror lcg Invocation 2017 event

17-12-2017 13:00 - 17-12-2017 18:00
Friends & Foes spellensalon
Van Woustraat 202-a, Diamantbuurt, Amsterdam, Nederland


Who’s in?

We will bring you the horror to Friends & Foes Amsterdam with this in-store Arkham Horror LCG invocation event.

The invocation event offers a new twist to Arkham Horror The Card Game gameplay: Ultimatums. With these, you will be challenged. We will force you to reevaluate strategies and discover an entirely new level of madness.

For this event we play in groups up to four players.

Sign in as a group or as an individual.
Monday -September 25th- we close registration for this event since we have an order deadline for the special event kits.

Please register by e-mail or messenger or register as a definitive participant in this event. If you are not on the list, then you can not attend the event in December.


–It Is NOT allowed to bring and use your own drinks, snacks and or food. Not even plain water. We have tap water!
–Beverages are mandatory!!!

Thank you for respecting our house rules.

Drinks starting from € 1,25

Every attendee will get nice prizes: a Daisy Walker alternate art card, a Daisy Walker token and a gorgeously horrific playmat featuring Eixodolon’s Pet.

There will be an entrance fee of €15,00.

For now the date is set on december 17th. This may change if the release is postponed.

About ultimatums:
Before players begin play, whether it be a single scenario or an entire campaign, they must choose one or more Ultimatums. Each Ultimatum is a restriction, limitation, or additional rule that makes the game harder for that group of investigators.

Groups are not forced to choose any particular Ultimatum, and the choice of which Ultimatum(s) to enable must be unanimous among all investigators in the group.

Once enabled, the choice is permanent throughout the duration of the event.

Below is a sampling of the Ultimatums included in Invocation Kit:

Ultimatum of Dread:
Do not skip the mythos phase during the first round of each game.

Ultimatum of Chaos:
Each player’s starting deck of 30 non-signature, non-weakness cards must be selected at random from among all eligible options in that player’s collection.

Ultimatum of Induction:
Investigator decks can only contain level 0 cards. Investigators cannot earn or spend experience.

Ultimatum of Finality:
Campaign Mode only. If an investigator is defeated by physical damage, they are killed. If an investigator is defeated by mental damage, they are driven insane.